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Heroes and a Halfling



J L Rees

Chapter Eight - Vampires

"Vampire," Aquium said," Tales and legends say a vampire needs fresh blood to stay alive, even fresher to reverse the aging process," the dagger added.

"Do we use garlic? Or a stake?" asked Fredgar.

"Are you cooking a meal? Why would you use garlic and a steak?"

"Never mind. I'll just attack," The little guy was feeling quite deflated after being mocked by a knife.

The halfling crept around the corner and quietly got closer. Just as he was about to pounce the shadow hound’s head bolted up and it looked directly at Fredgar. It vanished. Instantly it was behind him.

The shadow hound picked up the investigative little fellow in its teeth and shook him senseless. Dropping his prey, the shadow hound vanished again. Fredgar got to his feet and stumbled against the wall. He looked down, he was covered in blood.

"Hmm. halfling blood. I've not had that for centuries," The vampire's eyes gleamed with an evil hunger for blood.

The shadow hound appeared again and sank his teeth into Fredgar's foot. Fredgar's feet came away from beneath him and he fell on his back with a thud. The hound dragged him across the floor to the vampire. The vampire picked the halfling up by the throat and tilted his head to one side.

"You want something with a bite?" Axium had woken up again.

Flames raged from the dagger. The vampire fell back and dropped poor Fredgar on his very sore feet. He crawled away as the vampire regained his composure. The boy in the middle of the cave ran to the side and curled up into a ball and waited, hoping for the whole ordeal to end.

The hound reappeared realised the daggers were magical and tried to phase out. It was too late, Axium had already picked Fredgar up and filled him with rage. Foaming at the mouth like a crazed animal, Fredgar leapt for the shadow hound and ripped at it with the daggers. The hound slashed ferociously at its attacker but to no avail. The berserk little halfling was tearing at it, until eventually the hound was no more.

Axium fell asleep once again. Our hero dropped to the floor. Every part of him ached and pained him. The vampire walked over to him, grabbed his hair and wrenched him to his feet.

"Now then, let's try this again. Mm... Halfling blood I haven't had that for centuries," the vampire said as he tilted his head once again ready to feed.

Another effort to get away, this time it was Aquium that took over.

The dagger lunged forward thrusting Fredgars hand up. It punctured the vampire's chest.

"You won't find anything in there little one," said the vampire.

Again, Aquium thrust up, nothing.

A rock bounced off the vampire’s head. Another flew past. It came from the direction of the boy. The vampire turned to the boy and seemed to glide across the floor. Fredgar could barely lift his head, his eye bulged, blood ran from his nose and ears.

"Leave him alone," the command barely came out.

The boy kicked and screamed as the vampire grabbed a hold of him.

"You're vile!" said Aquium, “What type of creature kills young children?"

"Vile, Vial," thought Fredgar, as he fished around in his pocket for the vial Gerald had given him.

There it was in his pocket. His fingers grasped hold of it and pulled it from its hiding place. The vial shone so bright and clear; it was like a star in the night sky. The vampire turned. Fredgar took off the lid and threw it at the vampire. The liquid left a trail through the air like the tail of a comet. This was no comet, or twinkling star in the night sky. It was liquid sun light. The vampire burst into flames and crumbled to dust.

Back in Illindor the boy was reunited with his parents.

Bill called Fredgar over, "this came for you while you were in the cave," and handed him a note.


Dear Mr Brandybottom,


I regret to inform you that as your house sitter I was unaware that I would be also cat sitting and as I am frightfully allergic to felines. I offer my resignation.


Yours regrettably

Mrs Thorn.


"Great, my house sitter has just quit. I must go home," Fredgar said disheartened.

Fredgar promptly paid Mr Applebush for the room and paid a little extra for the damage he caused in the bar fight. He left the Fizzy Dragon Inn, bumping into a member of the Caeropolis guard on the way out.

"Sorry," Apologised Fredgar and at once left the Inn.

"No worries, my fault not looking where I'm going," replied the spikey haired Guard.

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