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Heroes and a Halfling



J L Rees

Chapter Seven - Gladburg Forest

Off to Gladburg Forest Fredgar went, in search of the lost boy. He'd gotten a bit more information about the location from Bill before he'd left. It wasn't long before he came to where the boy was last seen. The entrance of a cave stood before him like the gaping mouth of a whale. The memories of his past adventure into a dark place rose to the surface and a fear started to build up in him.

"Come on let's go adventuring," Frostfire encouraged.

One step in, then another, the glow of Frostfire illuminated the cave. The floor started to slope down then there was a sheer drop. By the looks of it, it was much taller than Fredgar. He slowly and carefully climbed down to the bottom of the rock face and looked around. Bones. A lot of them. Whatever was down there didn't seem to like its vegetables.

Knee high in bones, Fredgar waded through kicking a path as best he could. From the side of the cave came a dull rattle sound. He pointed the dagger in its direction but couldn't see anything.

"Just my imagination playing tricks," he said aloud.

Dropping the daggers to his sides the darkness grew again. Red eyes stared from the darkness.

"Probably just bats or something," he told himself shuffling through the bones.

There was a quiet growl from all around him, a hiss, then silence again. Fredgar froze. He felt the darkness creeping up his spine.

"Burn them all with fire," whispered Axium.

Fredgar's hands lifted up Frostfire. Light filled the room. The light wasn't just regular light it was bright orange, it was Axium. Axium had worked himself into a rage. He wanted a fight and he wanted to fight whatever was in the darkness. The halfling's fingers split the daggers, one in each hand again.

The red eyes were embedded in strange skulls. The skulls attached to what looked like huge dog bodies. An instant later the creature had vanished.

"Axium, Aquium can you see anything or feel anything?" Fredgar hoped they'd reply with a helpful answer.

"There seems to be 3 of them, but they keep phasing in and out of our realm." said Aquium.

"They can phase in and out of my flames when I stick them," Axium replied with anger.

Axium’s rage crept its way up Fredgar's arm, he could feel it taking over his body. Everything went black. Fredgar awoke, standing in an area he didn't remember seeing earlier.

"What happened?" he said to himself.

Aquium answered, "Axium had a bit of an itch to fight, basically taking over your body to do it. He slaughtered the shadow hounds though."

"That's good. He seems a bit quiet where is he?" replied Fredgar.

"Asleep. Yes, even we need a rest now and then," answered Aquium.

The halfling cautiously walked further into the cave. There was a small light, torchlight it seemed, just around the corner. As Fredgar reached the corner he peaked around slowly. A shadow hound and a human with pale skin were circling a young boy.

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