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Heroes and a Halfling



J L Rees

Chapter Six - Bill Applebush

The next day Fredgar made his way downstairs from his room and sat at the bar. Looking around it was like nothing had happened the night before.

"Don't worry about it sir, happens all the time," came a voice.

Fredgar looked up to see the happy and friendly face of Bill Applebush, the Inn keeper.

"Any luck talking to Gerald last night?" he continued with a slight smirk on his face.

"Not really," Fredgar replied.

"Well, whatever you do, don't stay out at night looking for things you might not find. There's been a few missing persons of late. People say there's creatures that roam the streets at night looking for victims. Sad to say but my friend's son, only a little lad he is, about 6 years old. He went missing, was playing in Gladburg Forest he was, just vanished."

"A little irresponsible letting a 6-year-old play in the forest at night, isn't it?" Fredgar's hangover was making him irritable. He didn't want to talk about missing people, and he thought an insult was the best way to end the conversation abruptly.

"One of those shadow hounds they say. Well! have an enjoyable stay Mr Brandybottom. Good day," Applebush meant it sincerely.

After an hour or two, Fredgar's head was feeling a bit better, but his soul wasn't. He thought he should never have spoken to somebody like that. To show he was a good person Fredgar decided to try and help find the boy.

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