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Heroes and a Halfling



J L Rees

Chapter Three - Axium and Aquium

Fredgar's heart sank. He thought he wouldn't have to fight the golem again. He thought Mr Inky was a clever cat and had somehow managed to slay the creature. He looked back through the halls and doors they'd just run through. The red glow was back and getting nearer and nearer. This time another glow could be seen. Fredgar looked down. The dagger, it glowed with a bright yellow light getting increasingly intense as the golem got closer. Eventually it was pure white and shone so bright it illuminated the whole hall.

There was the ringing of armoured footsteps on stone speeding towards him. He held out the dagger at arm’s length. He was blinded by the light and trembling like it was a winters day. Then came a voice.

"Well, you're not going to beat a golem like that are you?" the voice said.

Confused Fredgar dropped his hand back to his side and looked around. There was nobody there. Reality hit him just as the golem's mighty hammer smashed through his left arm.

"Getup little man," said the voice.

There was a pause.

"Look, you freed me from my tomb now use me," the voice said.

"Huh?" the halfling was puzzled.

It then dawned on him that the dagger was talking to him.

"A talking dagger?" he questioned his sanity.

"Roll!” the dagger yelled at him.

Fredgar did as he was told, and just in time. The huge hammer slammed into the ground next to him. It felt like an earthquake as the ground shuddered and shook.

"On your feet," instructed the dagger.

The halfling obliged and replied, "Now what?"

"You need to get to its heart," guided the dagger.

"How do you expect me to do that?"

"Duck!” the dagger yelled again.

The halfling ducked as the hammer swung through the air where his head would have been.

"Well, the other halfling tried to go for the golem's head," said the dagger.

"I'll go for his head then," Fredgar stepped towards the golem.

"NO!" the dagger screamed at his user.

"Why not?"

The dagger dimmed and said, "Did you see the other guy? He's in a box under the ground. Don't do that," It then glowed really bright letting Fredgar have a good look at the golem.

Just underneath the breastplate there was a tiny, little gap.

"I see it, the crack in his armour, I'm going for that," Fred said purposefully.

"Meow," Mr Inky ran under the golem.


The golem tripped and fell crashing to the floor trying to catch the cat. The opportunity presented itself clearly and Fredgar took it. He jumped on top of the golem, the dagger lit up and was plunged into the tiny gap. The golem glowed an orange colour and a muffled voice was heard from within the golem's chest.

"Get away," it cried.

"Oh right!" the halfling said as he pulled out the dagger, jumped down and found a battered old table to hide behind.

The golem exploded and disintegrated along with the gate it had collapsed in front of.

The halfling, gripping the dagger, strolled towards the now opened gate and Mr Inky joined them. They walked into what looked like a throne room. Sat on a giant throne was a skeleton knight.

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