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Heroes and a Halfling



J L Rees

Chapter Four - Valkis

Mr Inky pounced up the steps of the throne. The amulet was still in his mouth and flickered with light as he dropped it in front of the knight. Beams of light started to flash out of it. Whether it was a trick of the light or Fredgar had seen too much, the skeleton appeared to move.

"The wraith," the dagger said anxiously.

The cat then jumped on to the knight's lap and up to its shoulder. With the ferocity of a lion, he scratched its skeletal face. The skeleton gripped the cat and squeezed it, there was a popping noise, and the cat was thrown across the room.

"MR INKY!!!" Fredgar yelled.

"Let's avenge your cat," suggested the dagger.

Fredgar could feel a groove down the centre of the dagger he hadn't noticed before. Using his thumb and middle finger he pushed the dagger apart. The dagger came apart to form two daggers.

"The Full potential of Axium and Aquium," The daggers celebrated at the same time.

The two daggers glowed with an intense light. Fredgar's left hand felt like ice, suddenly, whereas his right hand started to burn. He lost control of his arms and they both shot up in front of him. A beam of cold shot out of the left dagger and a stream of flames from the right. He was knocked back and fell to the floor.


"Impressed?” asked the daggers.

"Uh. Yea," Fredgar was almost speechless. He could feel the power of the two daggers coursing through his body.

He got up and started running towards the knight. The knight stood up smouldering and smoking from the earlier attack. He pulled a huge sword from behind the throne and gripped it with both hands. He then swung it with a force that cracked the air.

The little halfling slid under the thunderous sword and slashed with the icy power of Aquium. The armoured arm frosted up for a second, but then thawed almost instantly. The gargantuan knight snorted with a mist from his helmet. He drew back his sword for another swipe. Fredgar dodged again and aimed Axium. A stream of flames surged from it again. The stream pelted the knight over and over. His gauntlets started to glow with the immense heat and started to melt.

The knights’ hands were now fused with the sword. The halfling ran up the sword and stabbed with both daggers at the knight's face. The knight gave out a tremendous scream and violently shook knocking the little halfling to the floor.

"I think we did it; tiny man," the daggers spoke.

"Let's be certain."

Fredgar walked up to the knight and stabbed the helmet again. This time it went straight through. The helmet rang as the blades hit the back of it. He put the daggers back together and they merged back into one.

"Where's Inky?" Fredgar scrambled to where Mr Inky had been thrown. The furball let out a little meow and his head dropped to the floor. The little cat was dead.

The room was silent.

The knight moved again.

"I don't want to fight you again, please!" Fredgar pleaded.

"I'm not going to fight you halfling. I am Valkis, a champion of Caeropolis. I fought in the Undead Wars and was captured by an evil sorcerer. He ripped out my soul and put it into a cat."

Fredgar was perplexed at hearing what was being said.

"Oh! And if you call me Mr Inky again, I will kill you. As I was saying, this sorcerer captured me and put my soul into the cat. He put a demon soul into my body. This sorcerer still walks Darlunia. Once I have my axe, I will hunt him down and destroy him."

"Where's your axe?" asked Fredgar.

"The last time I saw it some spikey haired wizard was holding it above his head. This amulet will free the champions that have been imprisoned. Take it and help me free the rest of my friends."

Fredgar picked up the amulet and pushed it into his pocket.

"How do we get out? The entrance is blocked."

Valkis showed the halfling another way out.

"Now go find the others. Once I get my strength back, I will head for Caeropolis."

Valkis patted the halfling on his shoulder and slightly nudged him out into the open.

Although proud of himself for freeing a champion, defeating a demon and destroying a golem, Fredgar felt sad that Mr Inky was gone.


Fredgar turned to see Mr Inky.

"Valkis? Is that you?" Fredgar stooped down and asked the cat.

The cat rolled over onto its back for the halfling to scratch its belly.

"I don't think it's Valkis," said the dagger, "but I do think it likes you."

Fredgar, the new Mr Inky and the daggers Axium and Aquium made their way to Fredgar's home in Fayapple. Soon after their return they were making plans to finding the other champions.

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