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Understanding Comics - Scott McCloud: A Review

Understanding Comics - Scott McCloud: A Review

To rekindle my passion for writing and creating comics, I sought out some informative reads. Scott McCloud's books frequently came up as top recommendations in my search. I decided to start with "Understanding Comics," and I'm glad I did.

I devoured the book in a few hours and was thoroughly impressed. It's written and presented as a comic, making it feel more like an engaging story than a dry reference book. McCloud tackles the incredibly challenging task of explaining what comics are, how they work, and their historical evolution.

Some of my favorite insights from the book include the exploration of how time and space function within a comic. Unlike a photograph, which captures a single moment, a comic panel can encapsulate a range of time, depicting an entire conversation while other events unfold in the background. It's a fascinating analysis of the comics medium.

Overall, I felt more informed and inspired after reading this book. I initially wanted just a basic understanding of comics, but McCloud's work has motivated me to dive deeper into this art form and improve my skills.


  • Well-Researched: The book is thorough and well-researched.

  • Engaging Format: Presented in an easy-to-digest and interesting comic book style.

  • Great Starting Point: An excellent introduction for anyone wanting to learn how comics work.


  • Limited on Comic Creation: It doesn't delve deeply into the process of making comics (that’s covered in another book by McCloud).

  • Tiny Text: Some images contain very small text, making it unclear if all the text should be read or if they're just examples.


"Understanding Comics" is an excellent starting place for anyone interested in the world of comics. It’s both informative and inspiring, providing a solid foundation for further exploration.


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