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Little Idiots NFT


Little Idiots is an NFT collection on

Any money made from the NFT's will help create more Illusjason creations.

It could be more books, comics , artwork or even maybe a game.

So if you like the idea of owning one of these randomly generated little characters, hop over to opensea and purchase these unique 'idiots'

As stated above each one is randomly generated with a very rough calculation they should be 1 in 8,144,000. although i may add more things o the random so will make them even more unique.

Current Number of Little Idiots


little idiots feature.png

The Story

In a Lab sat a computer programmer building a program that could put people's consciousness into a computer.

Then tragedy struck.

A huge burst of solar radiation caused a power surge and the computer exploded. The shockwave travelled through the universe and deleted everybody, except the programmer. 

He spent all of his time trying to figure out what had happened, then he realised that the universe was now stored on his hard drive. Every time he ran his program that created a random character (another little side project of his) was the program recreating someone that was deleted in the shockwave.

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