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Heroes and a Halfling



J L Rees

Chapter Fourteen - Home, sweet Home

Back at the ruined fort, outside Fayapple. The group met with Valkis.

"It is okay little friend. No need for any more adventuring. I have managed to get my axe, by myself, with the help of Mr Inky. The town of Illindor was attacked by a dragon, while this was happening Mr Inky happened to get into the Caeropolis vault and stole... I mean returned the axe," Valkis said petting the little black and white furball.

The group spent the rest of the night and most of the next day drinking and reminiscing about the old times. The time flew by, the group of heroes made plans to hunt down the sorcerer that had imprisoned them and bring him to justice. Eventually, it was time for Fred to go home.

He returned to his home in Fayapple. Walked up the garden path and opened the door. He wandered through the hallways and rooms; it was so quiet. He thought about the adventures he'd been on over the past few weeks. A hole in the ground wasn't enough for him anymore, he wanted more adventures.


Fred jumped out of his skin with fright. He turned to the window where the noise had come from. It was Mr Inky.

"Meow," Mr Inky said, turned around then jumped back out of the window.

"Looks like there might be another adventure for me yet," Fred smiled and dashed out of his house and down the path after the cat.

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