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Heroes and a Halfling



J L Rees

Chapter Twelve - Aribelle

A burst of flames ruptured beneath the halfling, scorching the surrounding area. The halfling's blood crusted to the floor. The goblin leader burst into flames. He dropped to the floor and rolled about to extinguish himself. The other goblin wasn't as fortunate, it burst into flames and disintegrated.

A pale blue light surrounded Fred.

"By Thosea's light, I heal you," came a voice.

"A bloody cleric," Axium said disappointed.

"What's wrong with a cleric?" Aquium asked.

"Well, it's not a fighter is it," Axium was disappointed.

In the middle of the room, where the statue had been stood, was the woman. Her mace was still held high above her head, as though offering it to the goddess of life, Thosea. She dropped her mace to her side. Fredgar got to his feet, the cut was gone, He felt like a new halfling.

"Look out!" he yelled.

The goblin leader was still alive and slashed at the cleric, she side-stepped and tripped it up. The cleric followed it up by bashing the goblin's head in.

"I am Aribelle," the cleric said introducing herself.

"I'm Fredgar, or Fred for short," Fred said, "I've come to free you. Valkis sent me."

"Valkis? Where is he?"

"He's in a ruin fort just outside Fayapple," answered Fred.

"We have to save him, "Aribelle was concerned about her friend’s safety.

"He's fine," Axium interrupted, "let's find the other one, and hope there's more fighting."

"Gimdorn! Are you going to find him too?" asked Aribelle.

"That's our next stop, you're welcome to come along," Fred said.

"Of course, I will," said Aribelle.

Fred, Frostfire and Aribelle went through the magic door and headed outside.

Outside the weather had changed. It wasn't bright and sunny anymore. It was overcast and dreary. Specks of rain rippled when the hit the murky waters of the swamp.

"If my memory serves me correctly, there should be a path a few miles north," Aribelle said.

The group headed north until they found the road. They then followed it east towards Thorngarum. A few hours later they had passed the town and were well on their way to Korkhaldur.

"Can I ask you a question?" asked Fred to Aribelle.

"Sure," she said.

"What happened in the Undead wars? What was it about?" enquired Fred.

"That's a big question. It would probably be the length of a book if I go into too much detail. The condensed version is. An evil sorcerer or necromancer raised an army of zombies, skeleton warriors and undead wizards called liches. He used them to try and take over the whole of Darlunia. It was a war on a scale of none before it, there were battles in every town. City and continent. I, Valkis and Gimdorn were the champions of Quaydosia. We fought alongside the elite guard of Caeropolis. These guys trained continuously and had experience from the worst and most dangerous quests. A lot of them fell in battle. From what I heard on the battlefield, there was a group of four left they were said to be the next set of Quaydosia champions. Then we were attacked by a sorcerer and imprisoned. Gimdorn also had his memories ripped from his head, he could still fight mind you."

"I assume we won," Fred said.

"Me too, " Aribelle agreed, "I don't know what happened to the group of elite guards though."

Fred and Aribelle eventually got to Korkhaldur. The town was unusually quiet.

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